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Family Therapy

Family therapy looks to help members of a family understand each other better, change negative behaviours and resolve conflicts. It is appropriate for all ages and can even be useful for individuals. Here we’ll take a closer look at what’s involved in family therapy and how it could help you.

Families can be very complicated things. We’re all unique, we have different perspectives and experience life events a little differently. When you throw family dynamics into this mix, it’s perhaps unsurprising that relationships can become fraught.

Lots of different events and circumstances can make family life stressful, from mental health problems to getting married. When things become overwhelming within a family, or when you’re finding it difficult to move out of old, unhelpful patterns, family therapy may be able to help.

What if a member of the family is reluctant to come?
For some family members, the idea of family therapy can feel a little daunting. In this case, it can be useful to arrange a meeting with the family therapist and the family member, giving them a chance to ask any questions they may have before officially starting the therapy sessions. Family therapists will be able to explain how they work and seek to find a way of working that makes everyone comfortable.

Can I see a family therapist alone?
You can see a family therapist as an individual. For many, it is helpful to have the family present in sessions to discuss together what’s happening, but of course, this isn’t always possible., and most feel seeing a family therapist as an individual can be very helpful.

I highly recommend families to watch the John Bradshaw video link below:

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